Most Common Email Marketing Mistakes Which You Must Avoid

Posted by admin on January 11th, 2018
Most Common Email Marketing Mistakes Which You Must Avoid

Nowadays, almost every business organization use email marketing for boosting their business growth. Email marketing has been around for decades, but it is still one of the most effective digital marketing channel available.

Want to avoid most common email marketing mistakes? If yes, then make sure your strategies are up-to-date so that your emails will have a strong effect on customer.

It is the simplest form of marketing but still, there are a lot of common mistakes which marketers can make. For avoiding this problem, we have put together some of the most common email mistakes and tips on how to avoid them-

Mistakes in Subject/Preview Lines-

Preview and subject lines are some of the most important components of an email. Usually, marketers tend to focus a lot on the actual content of the email rather than focusing more on testing or reviewing. So, it is essential to focus more on reviewing and testing content. For this, you can send test versions of your emails to a group of people within your office. By doing this, there will be fewer chances of occurrence of mistakes.

Email not optimized for mobile-

Nowadays, mobiles and tablets are used more than computers. Therefore, it is important to create emails which can be easily optimized for mobile. Your email builder should offer the option to create mobile-optimized templates. Also, make sure to test your email on mobile also while creating it that it is responsive or not.

Using A ‘No Reply’ Email Address-

A big part of email is being connected and able to communicate and having a ‘no reply’ email address signifies the complete opposite. Recipients like to know that there is someone ready and available to talk to if needed. So, make sure to always add your email address. It will help customers to easily get in touch with you for getting service.

Non-Personalised Content-

Every recipient is different and has varied interests. Usually, marketers send emails in bulk to their whole list of contacts without knowing what customers are actually interested in. Not only does this cause low engagement/click-through rates it increases the amount of unsubscribes and spam marking.

To keep your customers engaged and subscribed to your emails, personalise your emails to suit individuals. For this, you can use a dynamic content, a mixture of segmentation, and automation.

Not using automation-

Automation is the hottest trend within the email marketing industry nowadays. Marketers usually spend hours trying to create perfect workflows for customers’ and their journeys, but with automation, this time can be significantly reduced.

Multiple programs and workflows can be set up within minutes with ease and emails are so much more targeted for recipients which ultimately improves the experience for recipients.

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