How to add social media Follow buttons to your website?

Follow buttons are added to increase your social media following. Here is the process to add follow buttons to your website. Step 1 Login to your WinBounce account and in the dashboard, click on the “Follow” widget. Then, click on “Add Follow” and a new window will be opened.   Step 2 In the “Basic Information” tab, choose the title and theme for the follow widget. Then switch to “Targeting Rules” tab by clicking on “Continue”.     Step 3 The “Targeting Rules” tab lets you configure the follow widget for the particular audience. You can choose the particular visitors (on the basis of visitor type, device, browser, OS and the traffic source), pages and time when you want the follow button to appear on your website. Click on “Continue ” in order to switch to the “Customize Theme” tab.   Step 4 Choose the position and colors for the follow buttons. Usually, the Follow buttons are shown on the left or right of the page. The by default follow widget includes the Follow button for Facebook; in order to add buttons for more platforms, you can click on “Add Social Button” and select the specific platforms from the drop-down list. Once you have added the buttons for different platforms, add links to your social media profiles you want your visitors to follow, with all buttons.   Step 5 Switch to “Advanced Settings”. Here you can select the start and stop time for the follow button, the time delay after which they will appear, the pages where you don't want them to appear and the maximum limit for the visitors. Click on the “Finish” button and the Follow buttons will be created. Have any question? Contact us at [email protected].

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