How to create an exit popup?

An exit popup works effectively to reduce the bounce rate by showing a message to the site visitors who are about to leave. It can be created in the same way as any other notification widget but in this, you need to select the returning visitors as your target audience. Here are the steps to create an exit popup with WinBounce.

Step 1

Login to your WinBounce account and in the dashboard, click on the “Notifications”. Then click on “Add Notification”. You can also directly click on the “New” icon shown on the top of the “Notifications” widget.

Step 2

“Basic Information” tab lets you choose the title and theme for the popup.

Step 3

After you click on “Continue”, “Targeting Rules” tab will open. In order to create an exit popup, you need to select “Returning Visitor” as visitor type in the visitor targeting rules. You can choose page targeting rules and time targeting rules as per your requirements.

Step 4

In the “Customize Theme”, choose the position where you want the popup to display. The recommended option is choosing the center position. Then you can customize the theme further by choosing color and image. Once you have done with the graphics, you can finalize the title and message text for the popup. You can also choose the custom text for action and cancel button. The last step in this tab is choosing the URL where you want to drive your visitors after they press the action button.

Step 5

“Advance Settings” allows you choose the start and end date for the popup and the limit for maximum visitors to which this popup will be shown.

Click on “Finish” and you are done with creating an exit popup.

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