How to create an opt-in form?

Opt-in forms are the way to collect the email addresses on your website. If you have not installed the code on your website yet, you should install it first, and you can get the instructions at “Link”. And if you have already installed the WinBounce code on your website then follow the below given steps to create opt-in form.

Step 1

Open your WinBounce dashboard. On the “Subscribe” widget, click on “New” that is displayed on the right top corner. A new window will be opened.

Step 2

In the “Basic Information” tab, choose the Title and Theme for the Opt-in form. This title is only for your reference.

Step 3

In the “Targeting Rules” tab, configure the widget for appearance. You should be making selections for:

  • the target visitors, you can choose all visitors or customize the selection on the basis of visitor (new or returning) type, browser, operating system, device and the traffic source.

  • The location where the widget will appear. Here you can add the URLs where you want your widget to get displayed and the number of pages in which it will be displayed.

  • The time when your widget will appear on the page. It can be chosen according to the total time a user spends on your website, total time of his sessions on your website, time of the day, scrolling percentage or when a user is about to leave your website.

Step 4

Next tab is “Customize Theme”; here you can customize the selected theme as per your requirements. Choose the position and color for the opt-in form. Then, choose its title (this title will be shown to the users), description, input fields and button text.

Step 5

Now, the “Success Tab” will be opened. In this, you can add the title and description for the success message that will be shown to the subscribers after they subscribe you. You can also choose the action that will occur after the success message is delivered to the users.

Step 6

There are a number of options in the “Advance Settings” tab you can customize your opt-in form further with. These options include:

  • the time for starting and stopping the widget.

  • time delay

  • Notifications

  • maximum limit per site visitor

  • and third party integrations.

That's all. You have done with creating an opt-in form.

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