How to create notification bar on your website?

A notification bar is a great way to attract the visitors and deliver them important messages without interfering the website content. The Notifications widget of WinBounce lets you create appealing notification bars that match with your website's design. You can use these notification bars to deliver all kinds of messages, like product or services promotion messages, update announcements and changes, or to direct the visitors to the particular page on your website.

Here are the steps to create notification bar with WinBounce's Notification widget.

Step 1

Login to your WinBounce account and in the dashboard, click on the “Notifications” and then on “Add Notification”. You can also directly click on the “New” icon shown on the top right corner of the Notification widget.

Step 2

In the “Basic Information” tab, choose a title for the widget and select a theme among the given. This title will only be for your reference.

Step 3

After you press the continue button, “Targeting Rules” tab will be opened. Here you can configure the widget for your specific audience and get it shown to everyone else.

  • choose who would be able to see your widget on the basis of visitor type, browser, OS, device traffic source

  • choose the target pages where the widget should/should not appear

  • choose when the widget should appear on the page, on the basis of time and scrolling.

Click “Continue” once you have made the selection.

Step 4

Next tab is “Customize Theme”, where you can customize the WinBounce theme to match with your website's design and make it more appealing.

  • first of all, you need to choose the position. As you are creating a notification bar, you can choose it to appear at the top or bottom of the page.

  • you can choose an image and color for the bar.

  • Then, choose title and description for the message that you want to convey through the notification bar.

  • Choose text for the Cancel and Action button.

  • And then choose the target Url where you want the user to go after the action.

Press “Continue”.

Step 5

In the “Advance Settings”, you can choose the start and end date for the widget, the pages where you want the notification to display and maximum limit for the site visitors.

Click on “Finish” and you are done with creating a new notification bar.

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