How to enable your subscribe widget collect names?

If you have chosen the by-default options while creating subscribe widgets, the opt-in form will contain only the “Email” field. In order to get the names of the subscribers, you must add the “Name” field to your widget. Here is the process for that. Step 1 Login to your WinBounce dashboard and click on “Subscribe”. All your subscribe widgets will be displayed. Step 2 For the particular widget, you want to collect the names for, click on the “Edit” icon and a new window will be opened. Switch to “Customize Theme” tab and select “Name and Email” option in the Input fields.     Step 3 You can check the preview window; now there will be two fields- one for the name and the other for email. Now, save the changes. And that's it; you have successfully edited the subscribe widget for getting names of the subscribers.   Have any question? Contact us at [email protected].

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