How to install widgets on Jimdo

In order to publish widgets on your website that is created with Jimdo, you need to link it to your Winbounce account. After linking, you would be able to create and edit widgets in the dashboard. You need to add a piece of code into your website's code to connect it to your WinBounce account.

Here are the steps to add Winbounce script to a Jimdo website:

Step 1

Log in to your Winbounce account and the dashboard will be opened. Click Domain setting at the top of the page and switch to the Tracking Code tab. A code, that needs to be added to your website, will be displayed. And there will be a Copy Code button; click on it to copy the code.    

Step 2

Login to your Jimdo control panel and select Settings from the left-hand side menu.  

Step 3

Click Edit Head, paste the code you have copied, and save the changes. That's all. you have linked your website to WinBounce. Now, you can go to your WinBounce dashboard and start creating widgets for your Jimdo website. Have any question? Contact us at [email protected].    

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