How to install widgets on Shopify


You need to link your Shopify website to WinBounce account in order to install widgets on it. Once you have linked your website, you can create widgets in the dashboard and publish them on your website. And to link your website to WinBounce, you need to add a small code to the code of your website.

Here are the steps to install WinBounce widgets on a Shopify website:

Step 1

Login to your WinBounce account; in the case you don't have an account, create one.

Click on the Domain Setting and then on the Tracking Code tab. A code will be displayed with a Copy Code button at the top. Click on that button to copy the code.


Step 2

Login to your Shopify account, go to Online Store and click Themes on the left-side menu. Then, click the Customize theme button.    

Step 3

Click Debut Theme and choose the Edit Code from the drop-down menu.  

Step 4

A list of files and folders will be opened. The file you need to edit is located in the Layout folder and is named as theme.liquid. Open this file, scroll to the end and paste the code before the </body> tag. Save the changes.

That's all. You have successfully linked your WinBounce account to your Shopify website. Now, you can create your first widget by going back to WinBounce dashboard.

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