How to install widgets through Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager makes it easier to add HTML/JavaScript snippets to a website. As you need to add a small piece of code to your website in order to connect it to your WinBounce account, you can use Google Tag Manager to add that code to your website.
Here are the steps for adding WinBounc code by using Google Tag Manager.

Step 1

Open Google Tag Manager and click New Tag to add a tag. Then choose Custom HTML Tag to create one.


Step 2

Log in to your WinBounce account. Open dashboard, click on Domain setting and then, go to the Tracking Code tab. Click on Copy Code button.


Step 3

Now, go back to the tag that you are creating and paste the copied script in the HTML field.


Step 4

Go to Firing Triggers in Triggering option and select All Pages to fire the tag on all pages.


Step 5

Choose the name for your tag and save it. Then, click on the Publish button to publish the changes.   That's all. The script has been successfully added to your site.

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