Mobile-friendly templates that are fully customizable.

Features of Notification Widget

Smart Triggers

You can choose the place for the widget on the webpage and set the time for it to appear after particular scroll up/down or after a particular time period that a visitor spends on your website.

Planned Targeting

The Notifications widget lets you target the visitors by their browser, device, OS, traffic source, Time/Day, Visitor type and more. You can choose whether you want to target all or just the returning visitors.

Complete Customization

You are allowed to customize your widget totally; not just the widgets' looks but you can also choose the time and location they should appear at. Make your widget highly interactive by adding custom images, animations and more to it.

Mobile Friendliness

No matter which device your visitors are using for browsing, you can convey your message, engage them and ensure they are getting a satisfactory experience, through mobile-friendly widgets.

Exit Popups

Exit popups let your visitors spend some extra time on your website or change their mind from leaving the website. The custom messages work to lower the bounce rate and increase on-site time.

Detailed Reports

Winbounce provides you the detailed reports for last 90 days. It shows you the total impressions and clicks, both in the stats and pie chart. You can select the days you want the report for and can check how your widget is performing.

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